Ylialis language code dot

Ylialisaokwi words and phonemes will be marked like this when necessary. Ylialis is mostly on hold until I develop Maanxmusht more.


When they differ from the IPA representation, Ylialis phonemes will be marked.

Labials Coronal Dorsals
Stops1 p.b d k.g
Sibilant s dʒ (j)
Sonorants m n l
Semi-vowels2 j w (both as w)
Tap ɾ (r)
  1. Consonants separated with a '.' are a voiceless/voiced pair.
  2. /j/ and /w/ are positional variant allophones. The phone /w/ occurs at the start of a word, between two vowels, or following /s/. Otherwise it's pronounced as /j/.
Short /e/ /æ/ a /oʊ/ o
Long /iː/ y /ʌɪ/ i /uː/ u
Diphthongs /ei/ ae /aʊ/ ao

Other vowel clusters are pronounced as seperate syllables